APCS the Signal Conditioning Specialists


Finding Products

Products can be found using the text search or from one of the three product selection methods.

The three methods are accessible from the top menu or by using the following selection slider.

Top menu with find products by input selected

Top menu with find products by input selected


About Find Products

Finding the correct signal conditioner for you application can be a complicated process especially if you need a refresher on what some of the terms mean.

While all three selection methods can in most cases lead you to the same group of products the initial selection for each search title has a knowledge base that may help in your choice.


Find Products By Input

Searching by input first gives more information about the signal parameters you are trying to measure and my highlight important factors that you are required to know when ordering a module.


Find Products By Function

Searching by function first give more information about the industry terms used signal conditioning products and what they mean in piratical use.

Items with odd or no input or odd and no output are only included in the function selection.


Find Products By Output

It is important to get the correct output type to ensure easy connection and trouble free operation with your plant, this why you need a signal conditioner.

After selecting the output connection you require then you can go on and select function and input.