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APCS was founded back in 1982 for the design and manufacture of Signal Conditioning modules. APCS was purchased by NESS Corporation, a company with over 120 employees.

NESS’s main business is the manufacture and sales of Security and building automation products. With the acquisition of APCS, NESS is extending its market to into Industrial Instrumentation and Automation. The modern manufacturing facility located in Seven Hills is being utilised to manufacture all APCS products in house.


What is Signal Conditioning?

dc Input Transmitter

“Anything in / anything out” - conversion, isolation, amplification, splitting, monitoring and many more functions for electrical signals or signals from sensors producing electrical signals used in measurement and control applications.

requires non electrical coupling of signals ( magnetic , optical )
changing signals to different levels/type
increase of signal level
contact output to alarm process conditions
Thermocouple Principle

APCS Signal Conditioners can interface to most types of input signals, and convert these to a dc current or voltage for monitoring or control:

  • dc current or voltage
  • ac current, voltage, watts, vars, power factor, mains frequency, tap position
  • resistance or potentiometer
  • temperature using RTD or thermocouple or thermistor
  • Load Cell
  • Vibration
  • Frequency from a variety of proximity sensors
  • LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) used for measuring linear displacement
  • Conductivity
  • pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen

For example to measure temperature measurement a Thermocouple the signal conditioner is required to Amplifiy, Linearize, Isolate and compensate fot the cold junction.

APCS also manufacture Calibrators to assist field technicians during testing and installation

Industries using Signal Conditioning

Any automated operations, factories, transport, building automation, power generation, marine, research, mining, environmental, primary production …

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APCS would be pleased to help you select the most suitable signal conditioner for your application , whether this is one of our standard stock items or design and build a customised unit.

Division APCS is a division of Ness Corporation
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