Christmas 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

To ensure that we can continue to provide you with the best possible service, please note the following key dates concerning the annual Christmas shutdown of the APCS office.

For all “non stock” items please contact APCS for approximate delivery times.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • 13th December 2023 Last day for processing customised orders

  • 19th December 2023 Last day for processing box stock orders

  • 21st December 2023 Last day for completed orders to be shipped

  • 22rd December 2023 The Last day of business for 2023. Orders can be received but will not be processed until the New Year

  • 8th January 2024 APCS office re-opens for inquiries, phone assistance and processing of stock items. Orders for non-stock items and repairs will be accepted and processed on a “caseby-case” basis.

  • 29th January 2024 Commencement of full production and the processing of orders.


SL345 Bipolar and ac Voltage + Current

The SL345 has the potential to be used in place of many existing products with it’s ability to measure from 10mV to 399V and current from 1A to 5A.

See the SL345 page and open the data sheet..

SL345 Program

SL345 Bipolar Measurements

The bipolar ranges allow input measurements below zero which allows the process output to respond to an extended range of signals. The response time may be set using the 25mS, 400mS (Fast, Slow) switch.

Bipolar mV ranges +/- 15, 32,71, 129, 236, 526, 1052, 2104mV
Bipolar V ranges 2.8, 6.1, 13.5, 24.5, 49.9, 99.8, 199.6, 399V
Bipolar A ranges +/- 1, 2, 5A

SL345 ac Measurements

The ac ranges take multiple readings while detecting the zero crossing of the signal. After a complete cycle the ac value is calculated. This results in accurate amplitude measurement without ripple on signals as slow as 0.1Hz. As a new measurement is available after each input cycle the system response is quicker as the frequency increases. The ‘Sample Time’ setting sets the fastest output update time, multiple readings are averaged. Slow measurements will at selected sample time or cycle period if longer.

ac mV ranges 10, 22, 50, 91, 166, 371, 743mVac, 1487mVac.
acV ranges 1.95, 4.3, 9.5, 17, 32, 70, 141, 282Vac
acA ranges 1, 2, 5Aac

SL350 for Pulse and frequency Inputs

The SL350 pulse frequency transmitter will replace the FRT150, PRM180, MFT184, FRT287 and the PFC750. All of these products required some form of factory calibration to customer order specification. These hardware modifications and complicated calibration procedures after various internal links are set. Changes in hardware are handled by up to six additional option switches in the order code.

The SL350 has all hardware included for all signals, probes, pulse voltage differences and measurement range from 1 pulse every 5 seconds to 180kHz full scale.

SL350 Pulse Frequency Transmitter

SL350 Pulse Frequency Transmitter

There are two models of the SL350;

  • SL350-20 used with supply voltages; 10-60Vdc / 16-42V 50/60Hz
  • SL350-10 used with supply voltages; 80-300Vdc / 80-280V 50/60Hz

The SL350-20 will arrive in stock on the 1 of March, the SL350-10 will be toward the end of 2019.

The unit does require configuration with a free windows app and the low cost SL303 USB isolator which can also be used with all other SL series products. Buy more than ten SL series modules at one time and request a free SL303-01 to be added to the shipment. Alternatively we will program the unit for you at no charge.

The SL350 will replace 99% of PRM180 applications. The SL350 will work with a full scale as low as 12 pulses per minute.

The PFC750 has two outputs while the SL350 only has one. A SL350 can be used with a SL339 to provide the additional isolated output. The two units together can be supplied at the same or lower price as one PFC750 and will still use less space on the DIN rail.

Please refer to SL350 - smart line home for more information.

APC258 and PLS257

The PLR255 has been replaced by the PLS257.

The APC253 has been replaced by the APC258.

Both the APC258 and PLS257 feature:

  • Two isolated pulse outputs.
  • Outputs can Sink or Sourced 3 - 22V Adjustable
  • Powered from a wider range power supply.
  • Output frequencies up to 10k Hz.

Inputs for the APC258 include AC/DC current & volts, resistance, RTD (Pt100), thermocouple, pH/ORP and pulse.

Inputs for the PLS257 include Low level ac, Low level pulse, DC pulse (200mVpp up to 50Vpp) and proximity sensors.



BSI134 Additional Information Required

For more information go to


New more stream lined housing, now includes an external LED for indication of output plus easier mounting.

The RTT508 converts an RTD (Pt100) temperature signal to a dc process signal output and features:

  • 2-wire or 3-wire output loop power supplies.
  • Standard accuracy 1%, 0.5% optional.
  • Standard beige ABS enclosure.
BSI134 Additional Information Required

For more information go to RTT508 - Room Temperature Transmitter


2022 Short Form Catalogue

APCS Short Form Catalouge

Please email sales@apcs.net.au to request a printed copy or download the PDF.

Popular products are found using the 2022 Selection Grid, Input by Function.

Short Form

Short Form

Function Page

Function Page

There is a page for each product function along with the function definition which may help with ordering the product.

Products are listed by;

  • Case Type

  • Output / Supply Type


New housing with large plastic cover screws and extra mounting points.

  • 2-wire output loop power supplies.
  • Wide range light sensor to 140k lux.
  • IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Internal adjustments for span and zero.


BSI134 Additional Information Required

For more information go to LUX510 - LUX Transmitter