SL300 Install / Download

SL300 Programmer is free software used to configure and customise APCS SL series signal conditioning modules.

  • System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP and above
  • Interface Isolation module: SL303 SL Series USB Isolator

The DOWNLOAD package SetupSL300-YYMMC.exe contains;

  • SL300 PC Programmer v2
  • USB driver (32/64 bit detected)
SL300 Icon

If the SL300 (v1) was previously installed using package that included the USC700. This package is completely independent and can be uninstalled or left in place as required.


Please upgrade your SL300 program to the latest version.

(16/06/2020) Add support for SL345, Correct problem with TC USB on some SL340 modules. Correct a problem with integer rounding on some modules. Improve connection dialouge to sujjest that wrong connector is in use.

(22/03/2019) Correct problem on V2 SL335 4-20mA LP range. Correct input display when % and # used in engineering unit for SL332 SL335 and SL339.

(01/03/2019) Add SL350

(17/07/2017) Update USB driver.


Download Setup Package

Download the package to your local folder on your PC

Verify program name : APCS SL300 Programmer

Verify the publisher as NESS CORPORATION PTY LTD.

Press Yes to continue . .

SL300 SL Series Programmer Setup
User Account Control

User Account Control

The Setup options screen will appear , select required options select next then install.

The SL300 software can be found in ‘All Programs > APCS > SL300 v2 Programmer’.

You will find it in the ‘A section’ of the windows 10 start menu. On startup the program attempt connection.

Please refer to SL300 User Guide to start learning operartion.

SL300 Install Options

SL300 Install Options


Never connect directly between any SL series module and the USB port on your PC.

The SL303 provides 2KV isolation, enabling safe operation while the unit is connected to an operating system.